Budget Travel: Top 25 Money Saving Travel Tips

Travelling on a tight budget doesn’t really mean that you have to cut upon your fun experiences. If you spend smartly you can have all the fun in the world on your holiday without having to spend a fortune.

Here are the ultimate and tested money-saving tips for a cheap holiday:


1. Book Flights Well in Advance:

Flight fares form a big part of your travel expenditure. With dynamic pricing air fares tend to rise as the travel date approaches closer and skyrockets in the peak season. So, Book your flights 3-4 months before your date of travel.

2. Regularly check Deals & Offers:

A good sale offer can save you enough money to fund you for a whole extra day or two while holidaying.

3. Book Flight tickets in Incognito:

Websites track prices that you’ve been quoted in the past, so don’t let them. Always make sure you clear your browser cookies, and even use a private/incognito window while searching for flights.

4. Check Baggage Limits for all your Flights:

Baggage limits varies across countries and across airlines. They may also be different for domestic and international flights. So, check the limits beforehand to avoid the extra cost.

5. Pick Weekdays for Flying:

The fares are mostly higher on weekends.

6. Fly with low-cost Carriers & Avoid the add-on Services:

Low-cost carriers generally are considerably cheaper than regular/ premium airlines. Avoid Priority check-in’s & premium seats.


7. Book a Cheaper a Accommodation:

For having a good time on a holiday you don’t really need a private suite in a 5-star hotel. A lot of good alternatives are available:

  • Book dorm rooms in hostels: They are really cheap and the best thing is that you can socialize with people from different cultures. You may make some really good friends there.
  • Rent houses or apartments with airbnb, couchsurfing, etc. You can get a spacious good place better than a hotel room at a much cheaper price.

8. Compare Prices while Booking:

While booking accommodation compare prices on all major travel websites. Often you may find a significant different in prices for the same room in the same hotel.

9. Book Hotels well in Advance:

Prefer the ones offering full refund on cancellation.


10. Embrace Public Transport:

Local Transport forms a significant portion of your travel budget. Taxis are expensive. Use Buses, metros, trains and shared taxis. If you are planning to stay for a longer period, buy passes/ cards to buses/metros.

11. Rent a Bike/ Bicycle:

A lot of tourist destinations offers bikes/bicycle on rent. Beyond saving your money and time, riding a bike would be a pleasant experience.


12. Eat Where the Locals Eat:

Try Street food and eat at cheap restaurants. Ensure cleanliness and hygiene but don’t worry for it too much, if there is rush, chances are you will be fine.

13. Cook Your Own Meals:

By cooking your own food you can save a lot of money while ensuring taste and hygiene. Carry cooked food and snacks with you on your tours.

14. Enter a Club/Bar partially Loaded:

Alcohol can be quiet expensive in popular Bars & Clubs compared to the local market. So, if you don’t want to cut down on your fun, so grab a few drinks before going to a club/bar.

15. Cut back on Alcohol

Probably you can do away with having a beer with every single meal and save yourself a hefty sum.

16. Make the Most of your Free Hotel Breakfast:

If your hotel is offering a free breakfast, make sure its heavy and you en-cash every single penny paid.


17. Don’t Buy Things you don’t Need:

Do not allow yourself to get lured to buy unwanted things. Totally avoid souvenirs or buy small one’s. To gift small denominations of currencies as souvenirs is great idea.

18. Travel in Off-peak Season:

Flights, Hotels, food everything is going to cost higher in peak season. Unless you don’t like huge rush travel just before or just after peak season. This way you won’t have to compromise on the best weather timing of your destination.

19. Bring a water Bottle:

Fill it up wherever free drinking water is available and save money on mineral water bottles.

20. Group up with Other Tourists:

Find other tourists to take a tour or hire a taxi and share the expenses.

21. Use free Wi-Fi:

International roaming costs or tourist sim call & data charges are significantly high. So,
don’t forget to turn off your mobile data wherever free wi-fi is available.

22. Buy a Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is quiet cheap and provides you protection against a lot of costs from loosing your baggage to medical emergencies. Mishappenings may occur anywhere anytime, its better to be insured in a foreign land.

23. Look for Package Deals on Tours/Activities:

Whether it is sports activities or day tour activities, individually they may cost much higher than taking them together in a package. So, ask for a package and negotiate on the price with your travel agent.

24. Look-out for Visa Cost

Visa costs vary from country to country. You may get a free visa or a visa-on -arrival facility as well. Visa on arrival may be cheaper or expensive than obtaining visa beforehand. So, research about visa costs before travelling to save some bucks.

25. Treasure Experiences more than the Material Things

Collect memories instead of running after material things. Explore the less traveled places, go for long walks, explore the free museums, parks and public places.

Bon Voyage !!

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  1. Your blog on Planning a trip to Thailand was very informative really liked it.

    I am planning a trip for 6ti 7days to Mussoorie ( Uttarakhand). So could you guide on
    Best time to visit
    Best places to visit
    Best hotels or homestays etc.
    Thank you


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